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About us

Baoji Ti-leader Metal Processing Co., Ltd is located in Baoji, the city of titanium. Our company depends on strong technology of Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals and BaoTi Group, and perfect working ability of industrial park to develop innovative enterprise of production and sale as one.

The company specializes in titanium and titanium alloy materials, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, nickel, zirconium and other rare metals. Our products include bars, rods, sheets and plates, tubes, wires, foil, fasteners and drawings machined parts, etc. We process our products according to the standards of GB/T, ASTM/B ASME SB, AMS, DIN, JIS and other requirements from clients. And these products have been widely used in the metallurgy, electron, ceramics petrochemical industry, aerospace and aviation, medical instruments, automotive and so on.

The company has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate. At present, our company complies with modern enterprise management system to establish a complete quality and supervisor control program from raw materials purchase control, productive process control to end products control. Our products are so popular in America, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany, the UK, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. Our good quality and services have won high reputation from our clients.

Our company has set up the rare metal processing works, the melt shop, the titanium belt workshop, the titanium equipment workshop and the titanium products workshop.

We will insist in business principles of faith management and mutual benefit to improve and grow with clients together.


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